Increasing Younger Bingo and Lottery Players

Playing bingo or lottery games used to be something older people were more likely to enjoy. Recently, that has changed. Now, more younger people are playing these games. There could be a few reasons for this.


With more bingo and lottery games available to play online, they can reach and appeal to a younger audience. Of course, people of all ages use technology, but younger age groups tend to spend more time on different devices with an internet connection. So, this means that well-placed advertising will reach them and encourage them to sign up for bingo or lottery games.

Sites like Lotto Lovers make it easier for them to find the games they like or to discover new ones. The idea of what some will view as a stuffy bingo hall doesn’t hold as much allure as the smartphones or tablets they carry with them for most of the day.

The ability to play on the go

Because of younger peoples’ constant connection to the online world, this means they don’t have to take time away from their busy lives to play. Online access to these games lets them play on the go. The convenience of filling time with fun games is appealing. Rather than waiting for a meeting, or sitting on public transport with nothing to do, they can fill the time with something which might win them money.

Being able to find the best bingo and lottery sites within just a few clicks means they don’t have to worry about wasting time or feeling like they’re missing out.

The chance of winning

The chance of winning is often the most appealing thing to all players, but particularly younger age groups. So many are just starting out in their careers, facing the challenges of finding work or gaining higher paid work, or getting a mortgage for the first time. The real possibility of winning something which could help improve their lives is attractive. With chat functions in many games, or testimonials from other winners, they can see people who may be like them, winning either small amounts of money to cover occasional treats, or life-changing jackpots. For the low cost of some of these games, and the ease of use at times to suit them, many younger people are seeing the benefits of playing.

Seeing their friends play

As younger people are seeing their friends playing these games, the belief that these are only aimed at older people is dissipated. It has become more socially accepted as a pastime for them and their friends to play. With the rise of social media users on certain platforms, it’s easy for them to share their favorite games and websites with others.

The level of engagement young people have online means these games and their positive experiences can be shared quickly and easily to attract more players.

Bingo and lottery games will always appeal to all age groups, but the way they have been adapted for modern technology has encouraged more people to try them.